The Story of the Internet

Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered how the internet works?

We are in the final stages of bringing to you the complete definitive guide on how the internet was born and how it has evolved into the wonderful powerhouse it is today.


This new website is currently under construction so please be patient while we gather all of the relevant and up to date information so that we can provide you with a really good experience.

Why are we doing this?

Well we have marvelled on how quickly the internet revolution has gained momentum in the modern world and just want to share with you how this happened.

What will the site detail?

We will start by profiling the inventors Robert E.Kahn and Vint Cerf and the reasons behind them wanting to create the internet in the first place. We will then talk about the Networks that led to the internet including ARPANET through to UUCP and Usenet. How these networks merged to become one which ultimately created the birth of the internet.

We will then go into how the internet transformed into being used for commerce and the involvement of businesses across the globe.

As with anything new there needed to be some governance and we will go into the details of the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and the (IETF) Internet Engineering task force.

After this we will go into the global demographics including email and Usenet and how we got from Gopher to www (world wide web) which was used to organise and distribute data.

The birth of the search engines with Lycos, Yahoo, Altavista and our dear friend Google.

File sharing and the bubble. How it grew and how it burst.

Right up to the modern day with mobile phones, tablets and personal computing.

Social media also now plays a big part and we will cover this from conception to how it is used in both private lives and in the business world.

I hope you are excited as us while we bring this project to you and hopefully it will not be too long before we are live and become part of this truly wonderful phenomenon called the internet.

History of the Internet